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Hello! My name is April Koontz and I’m a singer-songwriter from Raleigh, NC. Although songwriting has been part of my DNA since birth, my professional songwriting career was launched in 2017 with the release of my first album, Second Chances. The album is a compilation of songs written following the sudden death of my younger brother, Jeremy to an unintentional overdose in 2010. The album and its launch were ultimately made possible because of the supporters of my Kickstarter campaign. Since the album release, I have continued to build my song catalog for sync, TV, and film, along with mentoring and writing with younger artists such as SarahGrace, Kira Takei, and Katie Hazel. My song releases and co-writes can be found in the Music menu, organized by year of release. And you'll also find information about my music therapy and social work in the Therapy menu.

Listen on Spotify to my latest single releases Fire, Lost In Translation, and Love of a Stranger. On YouTube, you'll find my single Is This God's America.

My debut album Second Chances is on Spotify here.


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April K Music “Is This God's America" single

April K Music “Lost in Translation" single ft. Katie Hazel, listen on Spotify

April K Music “Fire" single ft. Katie Hazel, listen on Spotify

April K Music “Love of a Stranger" single, listen on Spotify

  • To me, there’s nothing more powerful than a song that’s made its way to your soul. The second you connect, it’s with you forever. They’re like Divine soul friends you summon to your side to stand beside you through every happy, sad, angry, scared, sexy, and nostalgic moment of your life. - April Koontz

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