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Singer songwriter from Raleigh NC

Meet artist Jackie Tury

Artwork by Jackie Tury

Meet Jackie Tury, the designer of my album cover and one of several artists creating illustrations for the album companion booklet that also includes the lyrics to each song. Jackie is a childhood friend and fellow dreamer. Her passion includes combining her art and clinical skills to help others ignite their own dreams! Thanks for the personal note below, Jackie.

Jackie Tury - Reach artwork

“April and I are childhood friends who reconnected a few years ago on FB.  We’re both artists, social workers, and dreamers!  I am so honored and excited to take part in the launch of April’s dream to record a solo album!  What an awesome way to celebrate 50 and inspire others to follow their dreams no matter what age they are!  In addition to providing the dragonfly artwork for April’s album cover, I’ll be working on several paintings inspired by the songs on the album which will later be compiled in a book along with the lyrics.  When I’m not working on special projects, I’m working on dreams of my own as well as inspiring others to discover and follow their dreams.  My passion is to help others awaken their mind, body, and spirit through art and the creative process and to experience their own “Artful Awakenings!”  In my workshops and retreats, I guide participants through layers of “paint, paper, and possibilities,” combining personal and spiritual growth with expressive art.  I believe in the beauty and power of art to transform, heal and inspire!  I hope my paintings make you as happy as they make me!  xoxo ~ Jackie”

Artist Jackie Tury